Day 69: Da Romano Really Is “All That”

It's 11 April, exactly one month since Drew and I started this "100 Days Left in Italy" project.  I have to say, some days are better than others when it comes to having the patience to write and having something worth writing about! Luckily, today was a great day and we have lots to share. … Continue reading Day 69: Da Romano Really Is “All That”

Day 77: Gondola vs Traghetto – Venice

Venice seen from the side of the canal is an unforgettable experience. Venice from the Gondola perspective is another altogether. Go to Venice they said. Ride a Gondola they said. Other than Venice itself, the most unforgettable part of your trip may just be how much you paid for your Gondola tour. For any visitor … Continue reading Day 77: Gondola vs Traghetto – Venice

Trattoria “Da Romano” – Burano

Perfection describes a condition of such absolute quality, free of any perceivable flaw, that it is completely without defect.  The Risotto at Da Romano on the tranquil Venetian island of Burano comes about as close to perfection as anything can among the plethora of bad food options in Venice.  The experience however does requires the commitment of … Continue reading Trattoria “Da Romano” – Burano