Day 42: Hotel Rialto Venezia

A rare occurrence on PashbyMaul adventures, but it's worth pointing out that not all is roses and rainbows when you travel. Sometimes a hotel or restaurant just isn't up to par. We've already given our readers lots of tips about how to avoid bad tourist food, but hotels are a completely different animal. Sometimes the … Continue reading Day 42: Hotel Rialto Venezia

Day 77: Gondola vs Traghetto – Venice

Venice seen from the side of the canal is an unforgettable experience. Venice from the Gondola perspective is another altogether. Go to Venice they said. Ride a Gondola they said. Other than Venice itself, the most unforgettable part of your trip may just be how much you paid for your Gondola tour. For any visitor … Continue reading Day 77: Gondola vs Traghetto – Venice

Casa di Maul Guest Awards 2014

I'd like to take the time to give all of our readers a slice of the fun that happens when you visit Casa di Maul and Italy.  We love our friends and family so much and we love hosting people.  To our guests, enjoy our ode to you and to everyone else, becoming a guest … Continue reading Casa di Maul Guest Awards 2014

La Fenice: An Under-appreciated Tourist Must-See

Drew and I have been blessed by having many friends and family members visit us, usually wanting for the most part to see us, secondly wanting to see Italy, at least that's what we like to tell ourselves. 😉  We are now on our 9th visitor of 2014, and she has a special story as it's been … Continue reading La Fenice: An Under-appreciated Tourist Must-See

Trattoria “Da Romano” – Burano

Perfection describes a condition of such absolute quality, free of any perceivable flaw, that it is completely without defect.  The Risotto at Da Romano on the tranquil Venetian island of Burano comes about as close to perfection as anything can among the plethora of bad food options in Venice.  The experience however does requires the commitment of … Continue reading Trattoria “Da Romano” – Burano

Osteria Ai Do Gobbi – a rare find

Osteria Ai Do Gobbi is a rare find in a city full of bad tourist food. In Venice you can browse the dining options for hours, second-guessing every place you see. Pushing and shoving through the hoards and masses. Beware the picture menus, multiple languages, and flashing lights. Really good food doesn't need to be … Continue reading Osteria Ai Do Gobbi – a rare find