Day 22: Agriturismo Il Mirto

Situated in the Northwestern corner of Sardegna, in the province of Sassari, Agriturismo Il Mirto offers an escape of absolute tranquility among the rustic landscape of rolling rocky hills, farmland, and nearby to the isolated but beautiful beaches of Porto Ferro, Porticciolo, and Mugoni. Epic clifftop hiking opportunities with scenes reminiscent of the 'Cliffs of … Continue reading Day 22: Agriturismo Il Mirto

Day 29: The wines of Ca’Rugate

The Second round of May visitors arrived today, and we wasted no time in getting them acclimated to life in Italy. The best thing to do on a rainy day? Drink wine, of course! So immediately after a quick smorgasbord luncheon at Casa di Maul, we headed west to Azienda Agricola Ca'Rugate. This isn't the … Continue reading Day 29: The wines of Ca’Rugate

Day 32: Prayer of May

Preghiera del Mese di Maggio Signore della Gioia Signore Gesù, gioia di chi ti incontra e si mette in cammino con te, donaci un cuore capace di ascoltare e vedere, capace di scoprire che la gioia, la tua purissima gioia, splende ogni giorno davanti a noi nell'oscuro grigiore del nostro quotidiano. Fa che sappiamo riconoscerla e … Continue reading Day 32: Prayer of May

Day 34: Fine wines at Le Pignole

Another weekend, another PashbyMaul adventure at Le Pignole. Today we introduced two friends to the horseback riding, wine and pizza tasting adventure. A beautiful warm spring day in the Colli Berici, we couldn't have asked for more perfect conditions for the experience. We previously focused on the horseback riding, which again was the highlight of … Continue reading Day 34: Fine wines at Le Pignole

Day 38: Pizzeria Due Torri Arcugnano

I've lost count of how many times we've been here. Pizzeria Due Torri is just so amazing! If you are looking for a true authentic local pizzeria, look no further. Only 2km from our house, right off the main piazza of Arcugnano, outdoor seating in summer, friendly service, and a welcoming proprietor who greets us … Continue reading Day 38: Pizzeria Due Torri Arcugnano

Day 41: Wild Herbs and Flowers at Trattoria All’Angelo

We've been meaning to write about Ristorante Trattoria All'Angelo for a while as it has been one of our favorite places to frequent, and with good reason. A beautiful trattoria in a serene and picturesque setting in Piovene Rochette, chef Mauro and his wife Bari are welcoming, fun, and provide a service in The Veneto … Continue reading Day 41: Wild Herbs and Flowers at Trattoria All’Angelo

Day 47: Sa Tanca Crostaceria

After a morning walking tour of the Prati area of Rome, a walk along the west bank of the Tiber, and a quick stroll through Piazza San Pietro at the Vatican, we began to get very hungry on the long trek back toward the train station. Hiking past the epic monument to Vittorio Emanuele, we … Continue reading Day 47: Sa Tanca Crostaceria

Day 53: When in Rome, eat where the tourists don’t

The old saying goes, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do", but when it comes to dining out, this can be notoriously difficult. Central Rome, and her distinctly unique neighborhoods, are packed full of tourists from all over the world. There are over 1200 hotels to choose from in this city, and all the … Continue reading Day 53: When in Rome, eat where the tourists don’t

Day 54: Le Pignole, Colli Berici Horseback Riding

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than communing with nature on the back of a horse, followed by wine tasting and homemade pizza? Well that is exactly what we did today at Le Pignole, Brendola. Situated on the west facing slopes of the Berici hills, Le Pignole is ideally positioned to absorb the … Continue reading Day 54: Le Pignole, Colli Berici Horseback Riding

Day 62: Château de Chillon, Montreux, Lavaux

Château de Chillon On the easternmost shores of Lac Léman sits one of the most famous attractions in all of Switzerland, the iconic medieval castle, Château de Chillon. Since the 10th century, this magnificent lakeside fortress has guarded the strategic route along the Rhone valley, leading south through the Alps and the Great Saint Bernard pass, … Continue reading Day 62: Château de Chillon, Montreux, Lavaux